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What we do


  • Single switch near main door like hotel rooms. Two-way switches in Bedrooms. Tap in Balconies.

  • Storage space in each bathroom. Magnetic door stoppers. Only pullouts below the counter in kitchen.

  • Floor plan and Building facade. Lighting plan. Flooring material and design. Bathroom and kitchen.

We Will Amuze You By Our

We finalise the financial and non-financial terms of transactions Construction agreement is signed between Owner and Shubham Shubham Real Estate finalises the drawings in consultation with Owner Shubham Real Estate seeks approvals on behalf of Owner On receipt of approvals, owner handover the possession of plot.

Shubham Real Estate demolishes existing home and constructs new home Owner makes payment to Shubham Real Estate as per payment schedule Shubham Real Estate handover the constructed home to owner.